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Book reviews
Stephen Addiss Old Taoist
Joanna Ashwell Between Moonlight
Cornelia Atanasiu The Mirror is Falling
Kevin Bailey Prospero's Mantle
Michael Bangerter The Fat Lady Sings
Johnny Baranski Convicts Shoot The Breeze
Just a Stone's Throw
Geri Barton Crumb Moves The Ant
Janine Beichman Masaoka Shiki His Life and Works
Embracing The Firebird
Janice Bostok Amongst The Graffiti
Songs Once Sung
James Roderick Burns The Salesman's Shoes
Margaret Chula The Smell of Rust
David Cobb Palm
Business in Eden
Magdalena Dale Dew Pearls
Magdalena Dale & Vasile Moldovan Fragrance of Limes
Casimiro de Brito & Ban'ya Natsuishi Touching the Air
Angelee Deodhar Pail in Hand
Steve Dolphy The Cry of the Duck Egg Seller
Del Doughty The Sound of Breathing
John J Dunphy Old Soldiers Fading Away
Stellar Possibilities
John Elsberg A Week In The Lake District
Adina Enachescu Simfonie in Verde
Gilles Fabre Because of a Seagull
Erica Facey Diving Grebe
Chris Faiers Eel Pie Dharma
Abigail Friedman The Haiku Apprentice
Victor P Gendrano Rustle of Bamboo Leaves
William Hart On Cat Time
Ruri Hazama Raffaello's Azure
Elizabeth Hazen Back Roads With A White Cane
Virgil Hutton Haiku Harvest
Yatsuka Ishihara Red Fuji
Jörgen Johansson Mud on the Wall
Ken Jones The Parsley Bed
Jim Kacian In Concert
Sayumi Kamakurau A Crown of Roses
Kirsty Karkow Water Poems
Doreen King Caraway
Sea of Sky
Deborah P Kolodji Seaside Moon
Unfinished Book
Peggy Willis Lyles Thirty-six Tones
Joseph P McCauley Natural Haiku
Haiku Themes
Michael McClintock Letters in Time
Laura Maffei Drops from Her Umbrella
Robert Major Coasting Through Puddles
Ban'ya Natsuishi Right Eye in the Twilight
The Embrace of Planets
Double Helix
Valentin Nicolitiv Doar Clipa
Ritsuo Okada Over The Wave
Maeve O'Sullivan & Kim Richardson Double Rainbow
Stanley Pelter Pensées
Past Imperfect
A Moment Is Forever
& Y Not
Chris Pusateri Magnetic North
Satarô Satô The Spoon Clicks
Shima Satô Last Rays of Light
John W Sexton Shadows Bloom
Murasaki Shikibu A String of Flowers, Untied
CarrieAnn Thunell Blue-Gray Currents
Max Verhart Some Breath
Scott Watson The Santoka
Ron Woollard Sweeping Up The Stars
Peter Yovu Turn To The Earth
Audio reviews
Various Artists Raku Teapot: Haiku
Anthology reviews
Michael McClintock & Denis M Garrison (eds) The Dreaming Room
Micheline Beaudry and Janick Belleau (eds) L'Érotique
Janice Bostok & John Bird (eds) First Australian Haiku Anthology
Denis M Garrison & Michael McClintock (eds) The Five Hole Flute
Valentin Nicolitov (ed) Greiri Si Crizanteme
Manu Bazzano (ed) Haiku For Lovers
Haiku Canada Holograph Anthology 2004
Brian Tasker (ed) In The Ship's Wake
Ana Ruse (ed) Lime-Tree Flowers
Jim Kacian & Dee Evetts (eds) A New Resonance 2
Florin Vasiliu & Serban Codrin (eds) O Suta de Catarge/One Hundred Masts
Marshall Hryciuk (ed) Prose Karen
LeRoy Gorman (ed) Rain Song
Linda Galloway (ed) Rattle of Bamboo
Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (ed) Romanian Mini-Anthology of Astro-Hai-Ku
Angela Leuck (ed) Rose Haiku for Flower Lovers and Gardeners
Erica Facey (ed) Time Haiku Anthology
Ban'ya Natsuishi (ed) World Haiku 2006
Magazine reviews
Albatros 2005-6 #2/1 (5-6) Autumn/Winter
Amaze Vol 4 ##1-4
American Tanka #8
Blithe Spirit Vol 15 #3
Vol 15 #4
Vol 16 #3
Vol 17 #1
Bottle Rockets Vol 2 #2
Vol 4 #2
Vol 6 #1
Eucalypt #1
Ginyu #28
Gusts #2
Haiku Canada Review Vol 1 #1
Haiku Scotland #11
Heron's Nest Vol VII
HQ Poetry Magazine #30
Kokako #4
Mayfly #40
Modern Haiku Vol 33 #3
Moonset Vol 3 #1
Nisqually Delta Review Vol 2 #1
Noon #1
Ribbons Vol 2 #2
Vol 2 #4
Vol 3 #1
Raw NerVZ Vol X #2
Skifaikuest #15
Tanka Journal #27
Time Haiku #22
Tundra #2
White Lotus #1
Wisteria #1
Yellow Moon #15

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