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NHI Review Online began life as the internet presence of New Hope International Review, a printed magazine last published in 1998.

Since then reviews have only been published online.

This site contains around 600 different reviews.

Anthologies or books by several authors are listed by title in the Anthology index. Books by single (or, at most, three) authors are listed by author's name. The Book index is subdivided alphabetically to make for faster loading at the expense of double-clicking to find an entry. Magazines are listed by title and the Magazine index is also subdivided alphabetically. Cassettes, audio CDs, CD-roms, videos, DVDs or artefacts are listed in the Other media index.

Please note that we are no longer accepting items for review.

Although no new reviews will be published, all the reviews [with perhaps a few odd exceptions] will be maintained and pages updated where there are changes in contact information. Pages will also be updated to give very brief information about newer issues of magazines reviewed or later publications by reviewed authors.

Editor Notes carries information about how editors and publishers can keep us informed of new titles and changes to their contact details.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us with any queries about individual reviews.

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