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150 numbered copies.
Poetry by Vivienne Finch, Judy Goldthorpe, Diana Hendry, Nicki Jackowska, Henny Kleiner, Harriet Rose and Irene Twite.

Poetry by Anna Adams, Greta Aspland, Tony Buzan, Gavin Corfe, Vivienne Finch, Chris Hebron, Geoffrey Holloway, M.A.B.Jones,Judith Kazantzis, E.A.Markham, Andrea Moorhead, Mary Noakes, Max Noiprox, April Selley and others.

Poetry by Anna Adams, Joseph Bristow, Anthony Cooney, Blackie Fortuna, Katharyn R. Gabrielli, Alan Gaunt, M. Munro Gibson, Les Harrop, May Ivimy, David Jacobs, Martyn J. Lowery, Sally Lucas, Rupert Mallin and others.
A Homage to Jack Clemo by Brian Merrikin Hill.

1980 coverNEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL 1980/81
Poetry by Jose Civsaqui, Cal Clothier, Michaela Edridge, Clare Ellin, Mabel Ferrett, Eddie Flintoff, T.F.Griffin, S.L. Henderson Smith, Diana Hendry, David Jaffin, James Kirkup, Henny Kleiner, Christopher Pilling, Penelope Shuttle, Anthony Watts, Christopher A. Zackey and others.
Esther Gress in Danish with English translation.
Ken Edward Smith on Yorkshire Dialect Poet, Fred Brown.

Poetry by Anna Adams, Jozo T. Buskovski, Peter de Rous, Paul Donnelly, Mabel Ferrett, Caroline Gourlay, Prabhu S. Guptara, Nicki Jackowska, Knolly S. LaFortune, John Latham, Ian McMillan, Malcolm Payne, Albert Russo, Frederic Vanson and others.
Prose by Thora Beddard.
Novin Afrouz in French with English translations by Chris Hebron.

Poetry by Anna Adams, Lucy M. Green, Esther Gress, Wolfgang D. Gurgl, Chris Hebron, Jean Kadmon, Helen Shaw, Ken Edward Smith, Margaret Surtees and others.
Prose by Gordon Hardcore Woodward.
The Merman Episode from Halfs Saga of Halfsrekka in Old Norse with translation by T.N. Grove.

Poetry by Stella Browning, Anthony Cooney, Paul Donnelly, Lucy M. Green, Kinborough Hutton, Trevor Innes, M.A.B. Jones, Stanley Mason, Susan Smeltzer, Steve Sneyd and others.
Ann Marie Lebeda in Swedish with translations.
Brian Merrikin Hill on Jack Clemo.

Poetry by Edward Ake, Hamish Brown, Myra Schneider, Fred Schofield, George Williamson and others.
Elly Grothof-Nouwen in German with translations.
Ken Edward Smith on Edward Thomas.

NHI New series #1
Poetry by Mabel Ferrett, Caroline Gourlay, John Latham, Teresinka Pereira, Derek J. Pluck, Joe Ruggier, Margaret Toms, Frederic Vanson, Martin Wiley and others
Winning entries from the Tameside Arts Association competition.
Kurt Tucholsky in German with translations.

NHI New series #2
Poetry by Carlton C. Allen, Paul Berry, Byron Beynon, Stella Browning, Roger Elkin, Eddie Flintoff, Martin Grampound, Peter Hanks, Iris Hayes, Neville Hodgson, Ian Mole, Colin Nixon, Susan Fromberg Schaeffer and others

NHI New series #3
Poetry by Byron Beynon, Stella Browning, Michael Croshaw, Loris Essary, Martin A. Hibbert, Mary Murray, Michael Newman, Joe Ruggier, Irena Uderska and others.
Andre Chenier in French with translation.
Neville Hodgson on Wallace Stevens.

NHI New series #4
Poetry by Tom Bingham, Tony Cosier, K de J du Vallon, Eddie Flintoff, Myra Kendrick, John Latham, Neil McKeown, Joyce Roberston and others.
Yugoslav poet Jozo Boskovski in Italian with translations.
Roundell Palmer's prizewinning poem of 1832 on Staffa.

NHI New series #5
Poetry by Novin Afrouz, Tony Austin, Maggie Bevan, Nicholas Bielby, Ian Brocklebank, Shawl Creek, Brian Merrikin Hill, N.S.Jackson, Rupert M. Loydell, Michael Newman and others.
Luis Cernuda in Spanish with translations.
Prose by Edmund Harwood, Sheila E. Murphy and John Ward.

NHI New series #6
Poetry by Susan Andrews, Hillary Bartholomew, Tom Bingham, Brian Merrikin Hill, Sue Moules, Mary Murray, Michael Newman, Max Noiprox, Elly Grothof-Nouwen, Sheila Parry, Malcolm Payne, Joyce Robertson and others.
Mieko Yamato in Japanese with translation by Sakuzo Takada.
Tricia Henri on the 1st National Convention of Poets, Small Mags & Presses.

NHI New series #8
Poetry by Merle Ray Beckwith, Robert Bone, Brent Garner, Alison Hyland, Laurence James, Andrew Jordan, Arthur Winfield Knight, Gary Legge, Roger Harvey, Michael O'Higgins, Frederick A. Raborg Jnr., Zbigniew Sas, Paul Seabrook, and others.
Prose by Ian Lustig and Edmund Harwood.
Krista Dickson on the 2nd National Convention of Poets, Small Mags & Presses.

NHI New series #9
Poetry by Benedict Auer, Stella Browning, Brent Garner, Lea Harper, S.L. Henderson Smith, Mary Hodgkinson, Gordon Hoyles, Margot Jordan, Ken Morgan, Sheila E. Murphy, Mary Murray, Sheryl L. Nelms, Belinda Subraman and others.
Teresinka Pereira in Spanish by with English translation.
A poem from Gustav Mahler's "Songs of the Earth" German version by Hans Bethge and English version by Thomas Land.
Prose by John Ward.

NHI New series #10
Poetry by Kathy M. Austin, Mark Boardman, Bernard Gilhooley, Laurence James, Pauline Kirk, Janet McCann, Bonnie McGara, Pat Marum, Stephen C. Middleton and others.
Istvan Geher in Hungarian with English translation by Gerard Gorman.
Elly Grothof-Nouwen in German with translations.
Shin Yoshida translated from Japanese by Sakuzo Takada.

NHI New series #11
Poetry by Edna Bartholomew, Madeline Brand, Eddie Flintoff, John Francis Haines, Barbara Horsfall, James Keery, Thomas Kretz, Sue Moules, James H.Trott, Alex Warner and others.
Short story by John Ward.

NHI New series #12
Poetry by Mballe Alonge, Gerald Cohen, Andrew Darlington, John Ditsky, John Francis Haines, Maureen Hurley, Ed Jewasinski, M. Kettner, Gordon Meade, Stephen C. Middleton, Yvonne Morgenstern, Mike Morris, Thom Nairn and others.
Japanese haiku by Fusao Miki, Sakuzo Takada and Hiroshi Yoki with translations.
Krista Dickson on the 4th National Convention of Poets, Small Mags & Presses.

NHI Vol.13 #3
Poetry by Peter Bakowski, Madeline Brand, R L Cook, Harold Fleming, Jana Hakes, Roger Harvey, Hilary Mellon, Jim Tiffany, Alex Warner, Sean Woodword and others.
Prose by Edmund Harwood and D.F. Lewis.

NHI Vol.13 #6
Poetry by Herb Batt, Muriel Bell, Hamish Brown, Anne Ellsworth, Prescott Foster, Simon Leitch, Neal Mason, Michael O'Higgins, Stuart Pickford, Mary Rudbeck Stanko, Christopher A. Zackey and others.
Short story by Mario Petrucci.
Roger Harvey on the 5th National Convention of Poets & Small Presses in Stamford.
Obituary for Henny Kleiner.

NHI Vol.14 #3
Poetry by Robert Bone, Bibas De, Tony Esolen, Edward C. Lynskey, Mark Robinson, Nick Stones, Erica Wagner, Jefferey Woodward and others.
Peruvian poet Alberto Paucar-Caceres translated by Peter Forshaw.
Belgian poet Maurice Careme translated by Jeanine Cannizzo.
Prose by Howard Atkinson and Krista Dickson.

NHI ZINE Vol.14 #5
Poetry by B.W. Beynon, Julian Birch, John Brander, Peter Craig, Stephen Devereaux, Jennifer Footman, Ann Keith, Steven C. Levi, Mervyn Linford, Russel Smith, Maureen Weldon, Joanna M. Weston and others.
Six poems by Edre Ady translated from Hungarian.
Artwork from Italy and Romania by Ignazio Corsaro, Vince Laszlo and E. Maria Makepeace.

doveNHI WRITING Vol 15 #1
Poetry by David Browster, Jack Debney, Janet Faraday, Roger Harvey, Danielle Hope, Pauline Kirk, James Kirkup, Mark Robinson, John Ward and others.
Gunter Kunert in German with translation.
Prose by Mariette Bodier-Moss, D.F.Lewis and Jo Santiago.

Vol 15 #3
Poetry by Eric Alexander, Cato, K de J du Vallon, Mary Ann Henn, Joan Payne Kincaid, Edward Mycue, Moin Qazi, Andrea Sherwood, Sheldon Young and others.
Tributes to Irene Twite from Anthony Cooney, Kate Dean, Ken M. Ellison, Gerald England and Pat Hothersall.
Maureen Weldon on the 7th National Convention of Poets and Small Presses.

Vol 16 #3
Poetry by Charles L. Cingolani, Ana Christy, Louie Crew, J.W. Curry, Brian Daldorph, William Imray, Lisa Kucharski, Florentin Smarandache, Sam Smith, Delores Stewart, Brian Tasker, Penny Windsor and others. Miklos Radnoti translated from Hungarian.
Carolyn Ducker on Le Marche de la Poesie, Paris.

Vol. 16 #5
Poetry by Eric Alexander, Don Ammons, Barry Butson, Marti Cooper, Peter Craig, Michael Daugherty, Italo Gianquinto, Giles R. Goodland, Mike Jenkins, Vladimir Orlov, Satyendra Srivastava, Li Zhi and others.
Adam Szyper in Polish with translations.
Prose by Robert Nagler.
Maureen Weldon on Clwydcon.

druidess Vol. 17 #1
Poetry by Cato, Eric Fromberg, Hugh Hall, Elizabeth Hillman, Norman Jope, Rupert Mallin, Gordon Mason, James Sale, tolek, Leo Yankevich and others.
Prose by Stephen Jenner, D.F.Lewis and Adrian Spendlow.
Steven Duplij translated from Russian.

Vol. 17 #4
Poetry by Gillian Bence-Jones, Tony Charles with Stuart Paterson, Vincent de Souza, Damian Furniss, Peter Howard, Tom Kelly, Richard Livermore, Valentina Petrova, K.V.Skene, Belinda Subraman, Carmen Willcoxand others.
Haizi in Chinese, Umberto Saba in Italian, Rosemary Schulak in German all with translations.
John Brander on the Poets & Small Press Convention in Middlesbrough.

Vo1. 18 #2
Poetry by William Alderson, Nikki Barker, Malcolm Bradley, Helen Buckingham, Linda Chase, Dorothy Cowlin, Michael Crowshaw, Colin Cross, Johan de Wit, Allison Grayhurst, Paul Grillo, Niall McGrath, Nigel McLoughlin, Robert Roberts, Colin Simms, Sam Smith, Vittoria Vaughn and others.
Anne Claremont Le Zotte in Sign Language.
Lutz Ratnow in German with translation.
Prose by Sylvia Bourassa, Peter Malcolm Hulme, Guiseppe Mastruzzo, Eamer O'Keeffe and Albert Russo.
Maureen Welden on the Poets & Small Press Convention in Huddersfield with the winning entries from the British Haiku Society competition.

191cov Vol.19 #1
Poetry by Marian Barnes, John Brander, R.L. Cook, Philip Dunn, Robert Dunn, Janet Faraday, Sheila Hamilton, Bernadette Higgins, Emma Hooper, Nilofar Hussain, Coral Hull, Margot K. Juby, Thomas Land, D.F. Lewis, Sarah Jane Luck, James Morris, Colin Nixon, H.F. Noyes, Damian Quinn, Leslie Schenk, Sandra Staas, Geoff Stevens, R.D. Valerio, John Waddington-Feather and others.

Vol.19 #5
Poetry by Shanta Acharya, Gemma Bristow, Margaret Gilles Brown, Enid M. Eaton, Gerald Edozien, Giovanni Malito, Victoria Mosley, murungu, Anaiis Salles, Yossi Skorecki, Marc Swan, Peter Werner and others.
Marina Zografou in Greek with translations.

A Aabye issue A
Poetry by John Allison, Martin Bennett, David A. Bishop, Patricia Bishop, Roshan Doug, R.G. Gregory, Robert Hrdina, Marie Kazalia, Joan Payne Kincaid, J.L. Kubicek, Anthony Lawrence, Peter Lewin, Anne Lewis-Smith, D.F. Lewis, The Littlespots, Stephen Oliver, Dan Pugh, Rod Riesco, Alberto Rizzi, K.V. Skene, Ernest Slyman, Steve Sneyd, Neca Stoller, Gordon Wardman, Mason West, A.K. Whitehead, John Whitehead, Zoogirl and others.

B Aabye issue B
Poetry by A C Bevan, Maggie Bevan, Christian Burgaud, David Cobb, Jim Dewitt, Lorna Fitzsimmons, Khan Singh Kumar, Emma Lee, Bonnie McGara, Rochelle Hope Mehr, Frances Nagle, Stephanos Papadopoulos, Kenneth C Steven, Lucien Stryk and others.

C Aabye issue C
Poetry by Eliza G Bonner, John Crook, Ian M Emberson, Ann Egan, David H W Grubb, Ann Keith, Aongus Murtagh, TN Muthee, John Ower, Brian Louis Pearce, Philip Ramp, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Bill Wyatt and others.

Each issue contained hundreds of reviews of books, magazines, cassettes, CDs, PC-software, videos. A unique guide to items you probably won't find in your local shop. A selection of poetry was included in most issues.

Vol.19 #4 included an obituary notice for Brian Merrikin Hill

Vol.20 #3, the last printed edition includes poetry by Christopher Allan, Kaye Axon, Rick Doble, David A Groulx, Gordon Hassall, Bill Headdon, Santiago Montobbio, Colin Nixon, Trish O'Brien, Michael J Reith, Nathalie Thomas, Robert Truett, Lawrence Upton, Lloyd Vancil, and Gordon Wardman.

"this issue is/was one of the best" - Poetry Quarterly Review

All subsequent reviews were published at
New Hope International Review On-Line.

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