Are you fascinated by the world of haiku or baffled by talk of senryu, haibun, tanka, and other such terms?

All is revealed in The Art of Haiku, with articles from writers such as William J Higginson, Jose Civasaqui, Pamelyn Casto, Steve Sneyd, Elizabeth St Jacques and others, together with an international array of original artwork and writing in haiku and related genres.

ISBN 0 903610 24 8

80 pages, perfect bound

out of print

The Art of Haiku published by New Hope International
How To Write Haiku an article by Gerald England
Selected Tanka Bibliography compiled by and with notes by William J. Higginson
Haiku About Almost Nothing an article by Max Verhart
Haikaitalk a mailing list for discussion of haiku and related genres

A Haiku Poem from Everything Holy original work from MTC Cronin
Six Haiku original work by Angelee Deodhar
Western Haiku, Kerouac Style original work by James Esch
Six Haiku original work by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen
Six Haiku original work by Maurice Tasnier

Art and Haiku original work by Franko Busic
Computer Haiga original work by Angelee Deodhar
Comet a sijo by Carol Sircoulumb

Three Tanka for Giovanni Malito a tribute by Patricia Prime
Five Tanka original work by R K Singh

Griffin a zip renga by John Carley
Desert Shoots renku by Barry Spacks, Lawrence Leone and Kim Hodges
The Furrow's End a traditional nijuin spring renku between Sue Mill (Australia) and Ferris Gilli (USA)
On Fuerteventura a haibun by Alison Williams

Spring Anthology selections from the Ukku Spring Blog 2006
Haiku Reviews links to reviews of haiku publications
Haiku Links links to other haiku sites


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