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A forum for news and views on haiku and related genres.
  • Haikutalk2 was a general discussion list for writers and others interested in haiku and related genres such as tanka, senryu, renga, sijo, haibun, sedoka &c.
  • It was not intended to be just a place to post new writing
  • Rather it was
    • a place to discuss the nature of haiku
    • to find out about those who do haiku
    • to learn about publishers and competitions.
  • The original hailkutalk list was created on June 13th 1998.
  • In July 2004 a new list, haikutalk2, was created at
  • Both lists ran concurrently for more than two years.
  • Over time haikutalk2 became the more active list.
  • The old list was closed down at the end of 2006.
  • In June 2010 ownership of the list was passed from Gerald England to Norman Darlington
  • Norman renamed the list Haikai Talk in order to reflect the fact that the focus of the group is not limited to haiku, but more broadly to the several haikai genres.

"This is probably the best haiku list on the Net, with a nice blend of teachers, poets, artists, translators, publishers and editors and everyone seems to be pretty level-headed on this List." Gene Murtha.

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