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Kevin BaileySurviving Love
Prospero's Mantle
Bluechrome Publishing
Bluechrome Publishing
Alan Hardy
John Francis Haines
Alan BakerThe Causeway
Not Bondi Beach
Leafe Press
Leafe Press
Michael Bangerter
Emma Lee
Ed BakerThings Just Come ThroughRed Ochre PressDoreen King
Michael BangerterFreezing The Frame
The Fat Lady Sings
KT Publications
Hub Publications
Ron Woollard
Patricia Prime
Chrissy BanksDays of Fire and Floodoriginal plusEric Ratcliffe
Johnny BaranskiConvicts Shoot The Breeze
Just A Stone's Throw
Saki Press
Tribal Press
Sam Smith
John Francis Haines
Douglas Barbour & Sheila E MurphyContinuationsUniversity of Alberta PressDoreen King
Ben BartonThe Red BookPlane Tree PressAlan Hardy
Geri BartonCrumb Moves The AntSaki PressBarbara Smith
Tina BassFat Man DancingPoetry Monthly PressEmma Lee
Paul BatchelorTo Photograph A Snow CrystalSmith/Doorstop PressEric Ratcliffe
Michael S BegnalThe Lakes of Coma
Mercury, The Dime
Ancestor Worship
Six Gallery Press
Six Gallery Press
Salmon Poetry
Susanna Roxman
Barbara Smith
Gwilym Williams
Janine BeichmanMasaoka Shiki His Life and Works
Embracing The Firebird
Cheng & Tsui
University of Hawai'i Press
Gerald England
Margaret Chula
Robin BellHow To Tell LiesBluechrome PublishingJuliet Wilson
Victoria BennettFragile Bodies
Byron Makes His Bed
Wild Women Press
Wild Women Press
Wild Women Press
Patricia Prime
Eric Ratcliffe
Gwilym Williams
Catherine BensonIt Must Have Been A SundaySmith/DoorstopFionna Doney Simmonds
Anne BeresfordNo Place for Cowards
Hearing Things
Collected Poems 1967-2006
Michael Bangerter
Deborah Tyler-Bennett
Juliet Wilson
Donna BiffarKiss Me ColdCherry Pie PressBarbara Smith
John Francis Haines/ Dainis BisenieksBus Stop/ The Long TripHilltop PressGwilym Williams
Patricia BishopTime's DoppelgängerOverstep BooksEddie Wainwright
Norman BissettThe Makin's GreenPoetry Monthly PressEric Ratcliffe
Jay BlackIn Love's ShadowBlack Ink BooksJuliet Wilson
Brian BlackwellChernobyl's Cloud
The Shimmer of Light
Fighting Cock Press
Q Q Press
Paul McDonald
Eric Ratcliffe
Ian BlakeFruits des SeasonsThree Cats PressPatricia Prime
Stuart BlazerAix-en-ProvidencePremier PoetsFionna Doney Simmonds
Anne BlonsteinWorked On ScreenPoetry SalzburgJacqueline Karp
John Bloomberg-RissmannThe Beautiful DistractionsBamboo BooksPatricia Prime
Pat BorthwickSwimMudfogJohn Cartmel-Crossley
Janice BostokAmongst The Graffiti
Songs Once Sung
Post Pressed
Post Pressed
Gerald England
Mandy Smith
Joanna BoulterTha Hallucinogenic Effects of BreathingArrowhead PressMandy Smith
Tilla BradingAutumnal Jour
Notes In A Manner Of Speaking
Maquette Press
Leafe Press
Harriet Tarlo
John Francis Haines
Heather BrettGreen Monkey TravellingBluechrome PublishingFionna Doney Simmonds
Carole BromleyUnscheduled HaltSmith/DoorstopEmma Lee
Christopher BrookeAnd The Concept of ZeroCinnamon PressEric Ratcliffe
Andy BrownHunting the KinnayasStrideJacqueline Karp
Stephen BrownWalking the WallsWhite Leaf PressAilbhe Darcy
Adrian BucknerOne Man QueueLeafe PressAndrew Belsey
Martin BurkeThe Easter BalladWordsonthestreetDoreen King
James Roderick BurnsThe Salesman's ShoesModern English Tanka PressAlan Hardy
Sue ButlerVia Leeds To Lake Lagoda
Vanishing Trick
Redbeck Press
Sally Evans
Ron Woollard

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