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If any of our reviews of magazines tempt you as a writer to submit work to them, please do not just email a submission. Email links are provided to allow readers to make enquiries. In some cases it will specifically state NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS, but the absence of that statement does not imply that email submissions are sought or acceptable. Buy a copy first to see whether or not you agree with the reviewer. At the very least, seek out their submission guidelines.

Where prices are quoted, these are in the currency of the country in which the magazines are published, unless specifically stated otherwise. RoW means "rest of world" but what that includes will depend on where the magazine is originally published. Note: price may or may not include postage — if in doubt, check with the publishers (not us).

Whilst there is a small risk when sending cash through the post, most small press editors will accept payment, especially from abroad, in currency, particularly US dollars, sterling notes and euros, as these are readily exchangeable almost everywhere, whereas bank charges make the changing of small cheques totally uneconomic.

  • Magazines A
    Acumen _ Albatros _ Amaze _ American Tanka

  • Magazines B
    Bard _ Bathtub Gin _ Blithe Spirit _ Bogg _ Bonfire _ Bongos of the Lord _ Borderlines _ Bottle Rockets _ Bravado _ The Burning Bush

  • Magazines C
    Carve _ Chanticleer Magazine _ Crannóg _ Curlew _ Current Accounts

  • Magazines D
    The Dawntreader _ Default _ Dreams & Nightmares

  • Magazines E
    Earl's Court _ Envoi _ Eucalypt

  • Magazines F
    The Fiddlehead _ Free Lunch

  • Magazines G
    Ginyu _ Gusts

  • Magazines H
    Haiku Canada Review _ Haiku Scotland _ Handshake _ Hanging Loose _ Heron's Nest _ HQ Poetry Magazine

  • Magazines I
    Indefinite Space _ Iodine _ Iota _ Island

  • Magazines J
    The Journal

  • Magazines K
    Kobisena _ Kokako _ Krax

  • Magazines L
    Left Curve _ Liminal Pleasures

  • Magazines M
    Mayfly _ Minotaur _ Modern Haiku _ Moonset

  • Magazines N
    The New Formalist _ New Welsh Review _ Nisqually Delta Review _ Noon _ Northwords Now

  • Magazines O
    Osiris _ Other Poetry _ Ottawa Arts Review _ Outlaw

  • Magazines P
    Parameter _ Pennine Platform _ Poesy _ The Poetry Church _ Poetry Express _ Poetry Salzburg Review _ Prakalpana Literature _ Pretext __ Pulsar

  • Magazines Q

  • Magazines R
    Raw NerVZ _ Ribbons _ Roundyhouse

  • Magazines S
    The Same _ Scifaikuest _ Shearsman _ THE SHOp _ Sons of Camus International Journal _ Sphinx _ Spin _ Spoon River Poetry Review _ Star*Line _ Stinging Fly

  • Magazines T
    Tanka Journal _ Tears in the Fence _ The Third Half _ Thorny Locust _ Time Haiku _ Tomorrow _ Tundra

  • Magazines U

  • Magazines V
    Vallum _ Visionary Tongue

  • Magazines W
    Weyfarers _ White Lotus _ Wisteria

  • Magazines Y
    Yellow Moon

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