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Why did you publish a bad/condemnatory/unfavourable review?
All our reviewers were free to express their opinions of the works sent to them for review. We attempted, so far as was possible, to send works to reviewers who were likely to give the work a favourable review. We never knowingly sent work to reviewers in the expectation of them writing an unfavourable review. We can readily empathise with writers and publishers who feel a review is unfair or that the reviewer failed to understand the work, having been on the receiving end of such reviews, but that is the nature of reviews. Whilst you may object, you do not have the right to demand the review be replaced by a more favourable one. We will always correct any factual errors or misquotes.

I sent you a book/magazine. Why hasn't it been reviewed yet?
There could be a number of reasons:
  • We might not have received it things sometimes went astray in the post.
  • A reviewer might have stopped writing reviews without informing us or returning the works.
  • You may have sent it after the September 30th 2007 deadline, in which case we won't be publishing a review. However, we might mention it elsewhere if appropriate.

Why are there out-dated addresses and links on some reviews?
We regularly check the links on the reviews and update them, but sometimes a change escapes us. We rely on readers and publishers to inform us of out of date information or dead links. We try to update pages quickly once we are aware of any errors.

My books are available from Amazon. Why don't you include a link to them?
There are a number of on-line bookstores, and buyers should be free to use the one of their choice. We always encourage people to deal directly with publishers, especially small press publishers who often cannot afford the discounts demanded by bookstores, some of which (not all) take a long time to pay their supplier. Books carrying an ISBN can normally be ordered through various online and other bookstores, but you will usually find that the cost of delivery is considerable. We always, where available, provide links to the publisher and/or author's website. If you wish your readers to purchase from a specific supplier, then your own website should be the place to put that information.

I am looking for a particular review which was once on your site, but it is no longer there. Is it gone forever?
Some old reviews were removed from time to time to make space for new ones. If you cannot find a particular review, then do ask us about it as we may be able to locate it in our private archives, especially if you can recall the date when you last saw it.

Why are you no longer reviewing new publications?
Nothing lasts forever. Running a review site such as this was quite time-consuming. The physical effort of taking parcels to the post office became more of a hassle. I didn't get quite as much satisfaction from the venture as I once did. These were a few of the factors considered in the decision to stop at this stage. What was NOT a factor was adverse criticism from those who have felt aggrieved by any negative criticism given in reviews. I've retiring gracefully.

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