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This guide started out as both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although arising originally from the City Daily Photo Blog lists this is an independent publication.

Here I tried to include all blogs that vaguely followed Eric's original concept, whether members of the CDPB family or not.

However in order to keep the workload manageable, for some time now I've been deleting dead and spasmodically posting blogs and am only adding new blogs whose owners contact me personally through the CDPB Facebook group.

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Blog name Author (s) First post Comments
St Augustine Pics Jak 29th Jul 2008 USA
St John's: Bitstop Karen Chappell 1st Jan 2006 Newfoundland, Canada
St Kilda Today Michael Blamey 3rd Jul 2005 Australia
St Louis Daily Photo Blog Strangetastes 22nd March 2007 USA
St Mabyn Village News Mabena 23rd Aug 2006 UK
St Margaret's at Cliffe Photo Diary Tony Morris 1st Dec 2006 UK
Picture St Paul Lucas 20th Jan 2006 USA
Visual St Paul Kate 30th May 2006 USA
St Paul Real Estate Teresa 13th Nov 2005 USA
St Remy de Provence: French Essence Vicki Archer 27th Aug 2008 France
Salem, Oregon Daily Photo Gogouci 25th Jul 2008 USA
Saltaire Daily Photo Jenny Freckles 17th Jun 2009 UK
Salt Spring Photos John Cameron 25th Jan 2011 USA
San Antonio: Bexar County Line not stated 17th May 2007 USA
San Diego: Oseteado Brent MCD 17th Mar 2005 USA
San Diego: SD Urban Paul Jamason 16th Jul 2006 USA
Only in San Francisco Geneline 27th Oct 2005 USA; text in French
San Francisco: City Snaps Brad Evans 13th Aug 2008 USA
Santa Fe Daily Photo Randy 28th Aug 2007 USA
Santander: Fotografias Felices de Cantabria Daniel Alonso 10th Feb 2009 Spain; text in Spanish
Schenectady Photographs Buck 1st Jun 2008 USA
Scilly webcam not stated Sep 2006 UK
Scilly Pictorial not stated 22nd Dec 2010 UK
Scottsdale Daily Photo Julie 19th Jan 2009 USA
Seattle: Azure Sandy 23rd May 2007 USA
Selma, Ala. Daily Photo RamblingRound 23rd Mar 2007 Alabama, USA
Sendai Photo Blog Thomas 30th Mar 2008 Japan
Sequim Washington Daily Photo Shannon 29th Aug 2006 USA
Sevilla Daily Photo Juan Manuel 26th Dec 2008 Spain
Shetland: moder-dye Kev 11th Jan 2010 UK
Silver Spring: Just Up The Pike Dan Reed 26th Jun 2006 USA
Boring Singapore City Photo KeropokMan and KopiKosongGirl 1st Aug 2006 Singapore
Singapore Daily Photo Zannie 16th Sep 2006 Singapore
Singapore My Home AliceG 26th Dec 2006 Singapore
Sofia Daily Photo Antonia 3rd Oct 2007 Bulgaria
Speedway Daily Photo not stated 1st Jun 2011 USA
Small City Scenes of Stanwood MB 18th Jan 2008 USA
Stavanger Daily Photo Gunn White 29th Jun 2009 Norway
Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo Celine 30th May 2006 USA
Stockport Daily Photo Gerald England 22nd Apr 2013 UK
Stuttgart Daily Photo Steffan 26th Dec 2009 Germany
Sunshine Coast Daily Biting Midge 15th Mar 2008 Australia
Swanage: Purbeck Footprints Julian Sawyer 18th Jul 2009 UK
Swansea: Jim's World Jim 8th Jan 2005 UK
Sydney City and Suburb J Bar 20th Sep 2006 Australia
Sydney {i>Eye Julie 25th Dec 2008 Australia
Sydney Daily Photo - The Emerald City Peter 2nd Feb 2010 Australia
A View of Sydney Jo 14th Nov 2011 Australia

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