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This guide started out as both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although arising originally from the City Daily Photo Blog lists this is an independent publication.

Here I tried to include all blogs that vaguely followed Eric's original concept, whether members of the CDPB family or not.

However in order to keep the workload manageable, for some time now I've been deleting dead and spasmodically posting blogs and am only adding new blogs whose owners contact me personally through the CDPB Facebook group.

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Blog name Author (s) First post Comments
Ballinrobe Country Mayo Daily Photo Bill 12th Jun 2014 Ireland
Bangkok: Still Life in a Moving Vehicle Dale 20th Mar 2008 Thailand
Barcelona Photoblog Carlos Lorenzo 20th Nov 2005 Spain
Barcelona: Safaris Urbans Jordi 26th Sep 2006 text in Spanish
Barcelona Daily Photo Rob the Frog 10th May 2009 Spain
Barcelona Photo Juan Carlos Sanchez Avila 27th Oct 2009 Spain; text in Spanish
Basye: The View from Squirrel Ridge Linda 13th Jun 2005 USA
Beijing City Photo 2 not stated 13th Jan 2011 China
Beirut: Sietske in Beiroet Sietske 30th Mar 2005 Lebanon
A Yankee in Belgrade Bibi 14th Mar 2008 Serbia
Belo Horizonte Daily Photo Luiz Fernandos 12th Dec 2012 Brazil
Everyday Bergen Inna Cleanbergen 21st Oct 2012 Norway
Berlin 365 Halcyon 11th Apr 2013 Germany
Birmingham, Alabama Daily Photo Virginia 21st Jun 2008 USA
The Blackheath Bugle not stated 29th Apr 2008 UK
Blacksburg Daily Photo Janey 26th Oct 2008 USA
Bloise: Loire Daily Photo Rosemary Kneipp & Jean Michel Avril 25th Jul 2013 France
Blue Mountains Journal Joan Elizabeth 30th Jan 2007 Australia
Boise Daily Photo not stated 20th Mar 2008 USA
Boise, Idaho not stated 11th Jun 2010 USA
Bolzano Daily Photo Karl 1st Jun 2010 Italy
Clueless in Boston Clueless 14th Mar 2007 USA
Boston: Picture/Day Catheleyne 6th Apr 2010 USA
Boulder : Longs Peak Journal Kathleen E Johnson 29th Dec 2009 USA
Brienne le Château et sa région Deslilas 11th Dec 2007 France
Brussels Blogt various 15th Jul 2005 Belgium; text in Flemish
Brussels: Charles le Brusseler Charles 5th Dec 2005 Belgium; text in French
Brussels: This is Belgium Anni 1st Feb 2011 Belgium
Budapest Daily Photo Zsolt & Zannie 26th Aug 2006 Hungary
Budapest - Hungary Birgitta Rudenius 30th Apr 2010 Hungary
Buenos Aires: Una Foto Por Dia Alejandro Gulminelli 14th Sep 2005 Argentina

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