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Poems along the Angel Highway

A new collection of poems by the passionate, young Manchester poet, described by Mick Middles in Lifestyle as "the finest romantic poet left in this old crazy world"

ISBN 0 903610 26 4
Sample poem

extracts from reviews.
Some good poems here, subtle echoes. Moonstone.
Mostly these are short, pleasant, lyrical musings about romance, many of them incorporating the night sky, as in Lunar Moths 'Walked you home in a meteor shower/Thought it was forever/It was less than half an hour/Hand-in-hand in love's camouflage/When the lunar moths loomed large.' Zine-on-an-email (Andrew Savage).
the poet manages to say a great deal in a very few words. This is one of his particular strengths. Reach (John S Mercer).
In a poem of global warming, Whether the Weather; "Yet back in England no one's complaining/ Cos back in England it had at last stopped raining;" Also a wonderful collective noun: "An enchantment of unicorns". Handshake (John Francis Haines).
He explores rich imagery in his poem ANGEL HIGHWAY and there's moving poignancy in JIMMY JAMES. The Poetry Church (John Waddington-Feather).
Paul Reece's light-hearted stomp through life's highs and lows ... remind me of Glyn Wright's early work; unfussy phrases, a hit & run irony. The Affectionate Punch (Andrew Tutty).
There are some good one-liner thoughts made into poetry... Pulsar (Janie Thomas).
Subtitled 'Poems along the Angel Highway' this collection offers colourful writing in a variety of forms often using rhyme to good effect. Some of the epigrams have particular power as in 'Hurricane Butterfly'
  When life is a crawl thro' smogs of refrain
  Become the butterfly who begins the hurricane.
Much else that is in the protest genre mingled with a tolerant philosophy of life.
Vigil (John Howard-Greaves).
Happy, escapist, in-love-with-life poems. Possibly a little naive in places but there's no lovesick nonsense and it's fun to read for even grizzled, tired old reviewers at this end of the page. There may be some hitches in the flow and scansion in some poems but it doesn't seem to matter much. Nothing that jars. Well worth a cheery read these days try it. Krax (Andy Robson).
Contents vary from brief evocative, unrhymed, to longer, humorous, sometimes rhymed. Interesting ideas. Manifold (Vera Rich).

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