CRETE 2006
Photographs by Gerald England

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Photographs by Gerald England
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Crete Photographs

Chania: Venetian Lighthouse (1)
Chania: Tereza
Chania: El Venizelou Square Fountain
Chania: Old Venetian Harbour
Lazaretta Island: Shrine to St. Nicholaus
Chania: Model shop on Isodion
Chania: Looking up Isodion towards the Cathedral
Chania: Landau on Akti Topazi
Chania: Street in the Old Town
Chania: Cathedral Minaret
Chania: Byzantine Wall
Chania: The Venetian Shipyards
Chania: Giorgious stops at Monastiri Taverna
Chania: Riding behind Giorgious
Maleme: Sunset from Eria Resort
Maleme: Peter the Barber
Maleme: Church
Maleme: Beach
Kolimbari: Gonias Monastery from the North
Kolimbari: Gonias Monastery Entrance
Kolimbari: Gonias Monastery Bells
Kissamos: View of Gramvousa Peninusular
Kissamos: Back Street
Maleme: Eria Resort
Almyrida: Karga Island from beach
Almyrida: Lookout post
Almyrida: Yachts off Karga Island from lookout post
Kournas Lake: Northern End
Kournas Lake: Southern End
Vrisses: Under the Bridge
Lakki: Monument
Lakki: South to the White Mountains
Lakki: Church from behind
Zourva: Looking across to Lakki
Therisso Gorge
Chania: A Modern Ruin
Chania: Santa Lucia Bastion
Chania: Venetian Lighthouse (2)
Chania: Akti Kountouriti from MS Irini
Chania: Akti Topazi from MS Irini
Chania: Akti Kountouriti at Sunset
Lazaretta Island, Agli Theodori and Rodopos Peninsular at Sunset
Chania: Moonrise
Chania: Friday night traffic jam
Maleme: Agglisides Taverna
Maleme: View from rear of Agglisides Taverna
Masavlia Gorge
Plemeniana: Roadworks
Paleochora: East Bay
Paleochora: West Bay
Paleochora: Quayside
Paleochora: Fishing
Kandanos: Vultures in the hills to the North
Kandanos: Goats on the road to the North
Masavila: View of Gramvousa Peninsular & Kissamoss
Maleme: The Road to School
Maleme: View of Agli Theodori
Maleme: Hackers
Maleme: Boat in a field
Maleme: Double rainbow

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