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Cruise 2005: Ireland, Greenland, Iceland and Norway
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9: Trondheim

Trondheim After a full day at sea we arrive in Trondheim, Norway. It is a bright Sunday morning. At last Christine is able to disembark. However, we are informed that due to tidal movements, the deck 4 gangway will only be accessible until 11am.

It is about 9.45 when we are able to get off and of course the shuttle-bus is not accessible. It is a 20-minute walk into town. Being Sunday, the town is practically dead. None of the shops are open, the only place that is open is Burger King! We don't have a lot of time so merely perambulate the edge of the town along Olav Tryggvasons gate to the Fishmarket. Here we are at the Fosenkaia where many interesting boats are moored under the shadow of the railway station. On our way back we pass through the quiet railway station. From here it seems there are trains to Hell. Enquires reveal though that there is really nothing there but the station and no returning train for at least three hours. I don't think we'll go to Hell just yet.

After lunch, Christine stays aboard while I get the shuttle bus back into town. This drops me off at the Torget where St. Olav looks down at us from his huge statue. There are more people about now, although the busiest place seems to be McDonald's. Outside the Tourist Information Office a little road-train or Graakall Banen named Thomas is filling up with passengers. The ride costs 50Nkr and travels up and down and around the streets for about half an hour.

It is now quite warm and I wander about on foot back to a few of the places seen from the road-train. Quaint back-alleys lead me to the Gamle Bybro, which has views of the old warehouses lining the River Nidelva. The current bridge built in 1861 replaces an older one from 1681. Just beyond is a special bicycle lift to help cyclists negotiate Brubakken Hill.

On my way back through the gardens and grounds of impressive houses, I stumble across a tramp asleep on a bench. I learn later that vagrants are a rare sight in Norway.

A girl is handing out leaflets and vouchers entitling the holder to a free cup of tea at the Egon Restaurant at the corner of Prinsens gate and Kongens gate. It doesn't say one has to purchase anything else to qualify for a free cuppa, so I happily avail myself of the offer. Whilst there I chat with another couple off the Aurora. Whilst the lady normally uses a powerchair at home, she brings a lightweight folding wheelchair on cruises so that she is able to get off at nearly all the ports of call. Of course, she also brings a fit companion who is able to do the pushing!

Back on board we have some tea in the Orangery. We look out at the boats coming in out past Munkholmen, a small island that in the 11th century housed one of the first two Benedictine monasteries in Scandinavia. It is reached by a small ferryboat which runs from the Fishmarket.

While we have dinner, the ship slips its moorings and transists the narrow waters of Trondheimsliea and heads towards the open sea.

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