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A summing up of a poetic career that scans decades and continents. The first poems are timeless stories, school days and birthdays. Further on, the enchor of history appears, with reflections on many events in Eastern Europe Auschwitz, German culture, Stalin's death and Pasternak's. Dense with thickets of meaning, these are not poems to be casually scanned, but to be savoured and appreciated. Factsheet Five.
I quite like these poems, in spite of the fact that most of the allusions are lost on me. Some of the imagery is very striking, and is also reminiscent of Dylan Thomas as in Attila Joseph, where
  hearing the organ grinder's tune
  from resting places of mourning
  I  dream  in  the hoodwink hour
I am undecided about ON THE EVE possibly because many of the allusions are lost on me. What is striking, however, as a first impression when glancing through the book, is the strange imagery some of which is rather reminiscent of Dylan Thomas, as in Cape Anne where
  The sun glances near me 
  rising on gold waves 
  the green gale winds 
  beckon the birds 
  out on the hot housed noon.
or, in Lines from Warsaw, which begins
  I, the wind wound
  upon toothless trees

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