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We need poets like Glenda to bring down the curtain over both over-serious modernism and owly academics in vitro of their own making and to insert between some female Falstaffery. A Grimsby girl, she is probably the first poet to get Ovaltine and Woodbines together in a ninth-decade poem, which dates her, Nevertheless poems like Overloaded Structure (all about the spinal column) should bring a spring to your own. Ore.
I was surprised to read that book and I thought how could she write those thoughts as in BELIEVE EVERY WORD and in some other poems, that I had thought but could never write? I liked her direct approach of words. I also wondered how could she arrange some poems of this book like WRITER'S NIGHTMARE which have strange resemblance with Sarbangin poetry. Is it merely ' coincidence? A telepathy? Or great (distanced) wo/men think alike? Prakalpana Literature.

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