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Poems by Stella Browning, Gerald England, Sally Evans, Mabel Ferrett, Eleanor Makepeace, Malcolm Payne, Christopher Pilling, Colin Simms, John Ward; Articles by Chris Challis, Mabel Ferrett, Brian Merrikin Hill, William Oxley, Richard Livermore.

2nd edition with new illustrations.

ISBN 0 903610 17 5
Sample poem

extracts from reviews.
It is good to see a warm tribute to Basil Bunting... a remarkable poet. His reputation seems to be somewhat eclipsed at the moment, but his permanent position as a twentieth century poet of note is assured. His northern qualities are emphasised: 'his mouth/ made notes drip from stone' from One Geordie to Another. There is a splendid taster to his work in the opening of Briggflatts: 'Brag, sweet tenor bull/descant on Rawthey's madrigal,/ each pebble its part/for the fell's late spring' in a feature by William Oxley. ... Brian Merriken Hill, the redoubtable editor of Pennine personal anecdotes of meeting Bunting. Weyfarers (Stella Stocker).

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