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He writes poetry, fiction and essays in his two mother languages, English and French. He also speaks Italian, Spanish and German fluently and has a knowledge of Swahili, Portuguese and Dutch. He lives in Paris and is a member of the jury of the Prix Européen as well as of the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature

ISBN 0 903610 18 3
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quotes and extracts from reviews.
Truly an internationalist by background the poems selected for this pleasing and impressive collection seem to build into a wide-screen overview of the world. Russo is not tied to any one corner and lets all his experiences enter the arena. Albert Russo is an accomplished and talented user of words. Target.
At his best when trying to puzzle out the nature of reality ...... features poet's own photographs as illustrations. Zene.
It has long been a great mystery to me how Russo's poetry written directly in English comes at me as entirely different from the poetry of that other poet who uncannily bears the same name (and in fact is encased within the same body, mind and heart) but whose poetry written directly in French calls upon completely different attributes, savors, perfumes, sensibilities, in short, the whole catalogue of what differentiates French from English. In Russo's English verse, as here, whatever it is that succeeds as poetry has to do with the interplay of ideas and images rather than alchemy between words. And yet as I seek a few isolated lines to quote here, I cannot find any! Now, why should that be? It is because each poem is so taut that each word from first to last seems an essential element of the whole. Pull one out like a brick and the entire edifice disappears. Symmetrically, if I try to quote a line or two out of context I fear the reader will be unable to make sense out of it. Now this is all the more astonishing in that Russo gives an impression of looseness in his use of English, almost as though he were rambling. But no, he is not rambling. Each word is in its place, no other word would do, and extracting component strings of words by themselves do not constitute poetry to the extent they do within their completed whole, rather like jewels without settings. Yet there is nothing esoteric about his verse. To the contrary, simplicity rules, and accessibility is immediate, although successive readings do disclose certain cunning and bemused conceits invisible at first. World Literature Today.
Here we have straight narrative or experimental pieces. Each piece does have a lot of substance to it and so you get your money's worth of imagination. The narratives are quite serious and often contradictory which makes it an uncomfortable set so I preferred the experimental word play pieces which aren't trying to make a serious statement. The author has added photographic pieces which are equally intriguing or just irrelevant. Indeed a Tower of Babel to dip into rather than read as a whole Krax(Andy Robson).
stylishly produced booklet ... deserves high marks for boldness Peace & Freedom (Paul Rance).

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