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This page last updated: 5th March 2008.
Indefinite Space XIII

An A5 booklet that is issued once a year. A coffee-time light read, but some of the subject matter is quite heavy. The centre pages are visuals. A favourite piece is Nathan Parker's

Another piece on the subject of artwork is Maria Borrelli's EXHIBITION which is given in full:
	broke out of the canvas boundaries
	absorbing our senses
	blended paint flow
	crawling colors on the loose

reviewer: Doreen King.
Indefinite Space XIV

Twenty three poets are featured in Vol XIV of this magazine under the current editorship of Marcia Arrieta, and as the title suggests the ethos of the work is about the use of space, often graphically exploited on the page by the use of pattern, photography and the manipulated surfaces of the visualingual poems of Andrew Topel. In this anthology there are serious questions being asked. The enigmatic, almost algebraic puzzle posed by Marton Koppany in THE SECRET takes the idea of abstraction full circle, where everything is in parenthesis

The cleverly manipulated map of ancient Greece peppered with aphoristic phrases by Ray Hsu reminds us of old history lessons steeped in Homer:

	the weight of
	a body
	on your spear
	Go among them
	unharmed: this
	is a story
Elsewhere, the fragmentary nature of Celina Su's SPLIT ENDS sprinkles partial questions towards the reader.
	What if that which equals silence. Then generous breath. As if they know what to.
And concluding
	When the colour is clear. Praying, will I know it's. Please know that, even if. As.
Charlie Burgess offers FISH
	feeling fills space
	i recall water
John Elsberg
	the future

	and the past in between

	I love her now
Amongst the thirty-one poems in INDEFINITE SPACE are crammed profound ideas and pertinent questions, sharp observations and conundrums. All are relevant, and possibly summed up by editor Marcia Arrieta in WAITING
	in the design of a fugue
	by chance.   by encounter.
	silent.   imagined.
	wild grass  &  river

reviewer: John Cartmel-Crossley.
Indefinite Space XV

I'm afraid I had great difficulty extracting much pleasure from reading this magazine. There is a lot of open-ended, and to me inconsequential navel gazing that simply fails to engage me as a reader. There is much messing-about with fonts, there are visual tics of the kind I thought went out in the 1960s and which are certainly no advance on the work of Cummings or Pound.

Fernando Aguiar's untitled visual in which a heap of letters makes a kind of landscape is quite effective, but I had to wait until Diane Webster's brilliant little NESTING HABITS before I found a poem I really liked:

	Sparrow picks through
	abandoned leaf pile
	like bag lady searching
	half-eaten sandwiches,
	aluminum cans,
	or silken scarf
	frayed on one end.
Also good was Richard Kostelanetz' tiny, but clever, SHUFFLINGS:
	a loft.
On the whole, a disappointing read I felt the magazine was trapped in the past, metaphorically leaping up and down shouting
Look concrete poetry! and, look surrealism!
Sadly, it was all done much more effectively more than 50 years ago.

reviewer: John Francis Haines.