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This page last updated: 10th December 2007.

There are some fine poems here and when Trevor is dealing with issues he does it through the perspective of the individual and this is what makes them so effective. He calls on many references and his poems have the sweep of history about them, in fact many start with quotes and references and although the vocal tone is different when quoting, it does become irritating after listening for a while and I was left wondering about why they were necessary anyway as in most cases they did nothing to lift the listener's perception of the poem or put it in context. Perhaps the quotes could be left for the printed versions.

Many of the poems are read by several other voices as well as Trevor and this gives the CD the feel of theatre and some of these pieces work very well, for example in SONG OF THE LAST MAN where the second voice has obviously been scripted for performance. In other pieces however, like NOCTURNE , I think the poem would have been better without the introductory quote and the second voice and although this is just a minor point in most of the pieces, the reading of the fine title poem PEACOCK PERFECT is ruined by the inappropriate use of two voices.

One of the best poems on the CD is a short piece read by Trevor called MYLAE

	..a wind from the eye of the sun
	hitting the beam
	the tall and broken ships
	their sharp spars
	high as stars
	sails adroop with fire...
A minor problem with the CD occurred with the running order and track listing which is printed on the insert. Trying to find a particular track means moving on several tracks past the listing number.

However overall this is a good showcase for Trevor's work and I would recommend it, though I do think it would have been better with a little more thought going into how it was to be produced, and read just by Trevor who delivers his own words in a clear and hypnotic voice.

reviewer: Jim Bennett.